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This is not an all-inclusive list. The items listed below are to provide a snapshot or basic understanding of prosthetic components available while highlighting some recent technological advancements. Some of the items are new technology and some have been around for years but still provide a unique benefit to the user worth mentioning. Please contact the office to schedule an appointment for a free evaluation or to answer any questions.

Lower Extremity

Everyday Feet

RUSH™ FOOT: The Rush™ foot from Ability Dynamics is made of a composite fiber material, Flexeon, which is three times more flexible than carbon-fiber materials used in conventional prosthetic feet. The foot is designed for amputees with higher activity levels. Commonly referred to as “the yellow foot” due to the unique characteristic which distinguishes it from black carbon fiber feet. Click Here for More Information

Ottobock Triton: The prosthetic feet in the Triton family of products are based on the interactive triangular spring system. Three interconnected spring elements ensure remarkably smooth rollover characteristics. Thanks to their outstanding dynamics and flexibility, all Triton feet are suitable for a broad range of applications from everyday use to recreational sports. Benefits include: greater control and safety when bending his or her knee; reaction to body weight being shifted from one foot to the other is neutral, which enhances stability and relaxation; allows users to move confidently into the swing phase and gives a high variable step length. Click Here for More Information.

Freedom Agilix™: The Freedom Agilix™ is a multiaxial, shock absorbing flexible foot system designed to manage loading impacts, reduce socket shear forces and improve comfort while walking on nearly any terrain. The ultra-lightweight design improves overall comfort and a more symmetrical gait. Users can do more and feel less tired at the end of the day. Click Here for More Information.

Ottobock Trias: Innovative design and lightweight construction technology combine for a foot with excellent energy return. Secure, controlled movements help the user build self-confidence. The foot adapts to different walking speeds and to uneven terrain without a loss of comfort, while simultaneously reducing strain on the sound limb. Click Here for More Information.

Össur Re-Flex Rotate™: Designed for the individual who walks aggressively or engages in activities that require some degree of rotation, such as swinging a golf club or other appliance. The internal titanium coil spring of Re-Flex Rotate™ both reduces impact and enhances control and comfort during everyday activities. Click Here for More Information.

Hydraulic Feet

Hydraulic feet provide patients with an incredible range of controlled motion as well as assist in force absorption, enhance knee stability and promote good posture.

College Park Odyssey®: The College Park Odyssey® Series features a curved hydraulic ankle for superior knee stability and incredible ground contact. The curved hydraulic cylinder allows for one pivot point, resulting in a smoother sweep, longer life and the lowest profile hydraulic foot to date. Customizable valves for adjustment provide ideal comfort and stability. College Park offers the Odyssey in two models – the K2 for the lower activity level amputee and the K3 for moderate impact users. Click Here for More Information.

Microprocessor Feet

BionX emPOWER® Ankle: Formally known as the BioM®, the newly improved microprocessor-controlled ankle from BionX is designed to replace the combined functions of the foot, ankle, and calf regions of the human leg. By mimicking muscles and tendons, the emPOWER allows amputees to walk with a natural gait at their chosen speed, using the same metabolic energy as a non-amputee. The only powered propulsion available lifts and drives the user forward, smoothly transitioning weight to the active limb. Click Here for More Information.

Ottobock Triton Smart Ankle: A versatile ankle-foot solution for below-knee and above-knee amputees and compatible with sneakers, dress shoes, or boots. This microprocessor ankle features a high range of motion, the ability to change heel height with a smartphone app, and up to three days of battery life. The ankle-foot adjusts to changes in walking speed and terrain on the fly and, with a built-in relief function, even makes standing and sitting more natural and comfortable. Walking up slopes, stairs, and ramps is noticeably easier. Click Here for More Information.

Running Feet

Ossur Cheetah Extreme: Designed specifically for the fast, short-distance sprints, the carbon blade features a more extreme curve than the other Cheetahs. This dynamic shape allows the foot to flex more offering a powerful energy kick. A longer, flatter toe enhances push off, while the plantar-flexed pylon supports better forward progression. The Nike Spike Pad has been designed exclusively for the Cheetah. It provides specialized traction that has been optimized for the blade. Click Here for More Information.

Fillauer AllPro: The AllPro foot crosses all boundaries, combining high flexibility and dynamic performance into a foot that allows the user to work and play like a pro. Whether walking on a flat surface or traversing steep hills, the AllPro performs to meet the amputee’s multiaxial needs. If exercise or sports are on the activity list, this “do-it-all” foot easily transitions from the gym to the tennis and basketball courts, as well as the soccer, football, and lacrosse fields. Click Here for More Information.

Waterproof Feet

Ottobock Aqua Foot: The Aqua Foot is equipped with a grid-shaped sole tread and has excellent floor adhesion thanks to its particular material composition and moulding. It has a natural shape with defined toes and an abducted big toe. The contact surface is coated with sealing resin against water penetration and connected to a high-grade titanium foot adapter. Access to the adapter's screw on the sole of the foot is sealed with a plug. Click Here for More Information.

Endolite Aqualimb: The water resistant Aqualimb prosthesis is designed for safe use in showers and wet rooms with an anti-slip tread pattern on the sole. Comes with an integral shin and cosmesis. Click Here for More Information.

Microprocessor Knees

Ottobock Genium® X-3: With this leg prosthesis system, the virtually natural replication of the physiological human gait is possible. The Genium® X3 opens up entirely new possibilities: showering, going swimming or at work – since the system is water and corrosion-resistant, it stands up to any ambient conditions. Walking backwards, climbing stairs step-over-step or walking at changing speeds and with different stride lengths – the joint is intuitive to use and flexible in adapting to the circumstances. The running mode was developed especially for sports. This mode provides the settings needed for jogging or running. Overall, the Genium® X3 offers five additional configurable modes. Click Here for More Information.

Ottobock C-Leg® 4: The C-Leg® 4 is Ottobock’s most recent improvement to its original C-Leg, which debuted in 1997. Improvements include advanced stumble recovery, a control feature that improves the transition to swing phase and makes walking backwards safely possible, and precise adjustment at every moment of every step. Plus it’s a weatherproof knee, meaning that it is splash resistant if caught in a rain storm. Click Here for More Information.

Ottobock Kenevo Microprocessor Knee: Kenevo from Ottobock is the lightest-weight microprocessor knee currently available. Its five essential functions are fine-tuned to keep low-activity patients safe and feeling secure as they go about their daily activities or challenge themselves through the rehab process. Kenovo automatically detects when the wearer begins to sit down. It adjusts the hydraulic resistance so the knee joint provides progressive support during sitting and automatically detects when the wearer begins to stand up. If the user cannot complete this act in a single motion, Kenevo provides support by locking the joint in the flexion direction. It also offers a range of programmable stance stability options that can be customized to support each patient’s individual capabilities. Click Here for More Information.

Mechanical Knees

Össur Total Knee® 2100: The Total Knee 2100 is a highly refined polycentric knee with 3-phase hydraulic swing control designed to withstand the rigors of more active amputees. Designed for multi-speed ambulation, higher impact levels, and heavier loads, it offers stability, control, efficiency, and durability. Its low build height is useful for long transfemoral limbs or knee disarticulation. Click Here for More Information.

DAW Sure Stance: This ultra-light, true variable cadence, multiaxis knee is the world’s first 4-bar stance control knee. The positive lock of the stance control activates up to 35-degree flexion. The smoothness of the variable cadence together with the reliability of toe clearance at swing phase makes this knee the choice for more active patients. Click Here for More Information.

Ottobock 3R60 Pro: Relief for the back and residual limb due to EBS (Ergonomically Balanced Stride) technology which facilitates controlled knee flexion. The 3R60’s EBS securely provides up to 15 degrees of knee flexion at heel strike. This helps avoid hip hiking and other compensatory movements during the gait cycle. The knee is easily adjusted to suit the user’s individual needs. An innovative hydraulic system controls the behavior of the knee joint during swing phase. For the user, this mainly means that he or she can easily initiate swing phase and use a wide range of walking speeds. Click Here for More Information.


Ottobock Helix Hip: The Helix 3D prosthetic hip provides a more natural walk. With its three-dimensional pelvic rotation, the Helix mimics the natural movement of the human body, unlike other prosthetic “hinged” hips. The unique Helix design also helps users start their steps more smoothly, improves toe clearance and makes it easier to extend the leg during walking. Users will spend much less energy thinking about their next step, walk more naturally and confidently, and experience less pain in the back and joints. Click Here for More Information.

Upper Extremity

Ottobock DynamicArm Elbow: The DynamicArm Elbow gives users the power and speed to get things done. It incorporates a powerful electric motor to help both flex and extend the elbow – while lifting up to 11 lbs. The DynamicArm is controlled entirely by myoelectric signals. In addition to hand and rotation of wrist joint, elbow joint flexion can also be controlled by muscle signals. These special technology features are integrated in an elbow joint-forearm system with a natural, anatomic design. The shape and basic color blend in with the overall image of the human body. Click Here for More Information.

Ottobock SensorHand Speed: The SensorHand Speed features the automatic Auto-Grasp SUVA sensor technology, the FlexiGrip function. An integrated slip clutch allows the hand to be opened in case of power supply or myoelectric control failure.

Steeper bebionic: The bebionic hand features individual motors in each finger, which allows the user to move the hand and grip in a natural coordinated way. Powerful microprocessors continuously monitor the position of each finger for precise, reliable control over hand movements. The hand has 14 selectable grip patterns, proportional speed control, and auto grip sensor. The wireless programmer and bebalance custom software, allows the hand’s performance and control options to be fully customized. Click Here for More Information.

Ottobock Michelangelo®: This hand has seven functional options, including a moveable thumb, allowing the user to pick up objects sideways, grip flat items from the side, carry cylindrical objects with a large diameter, and hold small objects securely using the thumb, middle finger, and index finger to form a three-point support. A neutral mode allows for resting the hand in a natural position. Click Here for More Information.

Touch Bionics i-limb™ quantum: Incorporating Touch Bionics’ patented i-mo™ technology, i-limb™ quantum is the only upper limb prosthesis that can change grips with a simple gesture. Gesture control enables an automated grip to be accessed by moving the i-limb quantum in one of four directions. The quantums act as fully functioning hands. They respond to commands faster, are lightweight, and their anatomical styling in three sizes fits female amputees. Finger flexibility and grip options allow for typing, picking up small objects, holding delicate items, and much more. Click Here for More Information.

Touch Bionics i-digits™ quantum: With redesigned componentry and digits, the prosthesis for partial hand amputees from Touch Bionics is smarter, faster, stronger and smaller than its predecessors. Wearers can quickly utilize the many grips available through the activation of gesture control. Gesture control allows the user to quickly access many grips in performing everyday tasks. The new design is not only slimmer but also lighter allowing users to easily wear their prosthesis all day. Click Here for More Information.

Texas Assistive Devices: Texas Assistive Devices (TAD) specializes in work-related and activities-of-daily-living componentry for upper-extremity amputees and for those with hand dysfunction. From kitchen utensils to gardening tools and products for sport and leisure activities, TAD has a solution to aid users in performing a wide variety of everyday tasks. Click Here for More Information.

TRS: Specialized terminal devices and other products to enlarge the functional envelope for body-powered prosthesis users. TRS focuses mainly on sports and recreational devices. Click Here for More Information.


Today there are several options to hold the prosthesis on to the residual limb as opposed to the belt/cuff strap of the past. Common suspension includes a liner next to the skin and either a pin and lock or a sleeve on the thigh both of which provide additional comfort and protection for the residual limb. Various altercations and adjustments can be made to tailor each patient’s wants and needs. The following examples are just some of the newer technology available.

Custom Liners: Custom liners are designed by a certified prosthetist to fit each amputee’s unique limb shape. A custom liner is recommended for patients with prominent bony limbs, limbs with sharp or irregular contours, a high level of sensitivity and or significant scarring such as skin grafts.

Össur Iceross® Seal-In® Liner: The Iceross Seal-In liner is available for transtibial and transfemoral amputees. They have a variety of 1 to 5 seals in which it creates an airtight fit as the rings seal to the socket. This seal creates a suction suspension system, minimized pistoning and enhanced rotational control allowing users to enjoy greater comfort and stability. Click Here for More Information.

Vacuum Suspension: Elevated vacuum suspension systems manage limb volume fluctuation, a challenge that people with limb loss may face. Over time and on a daily basis, these volume changes can affect how the socket fits. When the limb volume increases, the socket becomes tighter, exerting pressure, restricting blood flow, and allowing for accumulated cell waste. When limb volume decreases, the socket is loose-fitting often causing pressure to bony prominences, which may result in pain and/or injury to the limb.

One of the most important benefits of elevated vacuum suspension is that it maintains limb volume throughout the day. It also improves proprioception and gait.Click Here for More Information.

Ottobock DVS (Dynamic Vacuum System): The Dynamic Vacuum (DVS) reduces the movement between the limb and socket associated with limb volume fluctuations. The DVS pump connects to the specific DVS liner magnetically and a knee sleeve is used to seal the system. Vacuum is generated during walking and this elevated vacuum is maintained in both swing and stance phase as opposed to passive systems such as a one way valve that only generate suction during swing phase. This give the user enhanced control and fit during all phases. Click Here for More Information.


DAW Shower Seal: DAW Industries Inc. introduced the Shower Seal allowing amputees to shower, bathe and enjoy most aquatic activities standing up on both their legs. A state-of-the-art synthetic material prevents falls on wet slippery floors. An anti-slip shower seal allows you to step in and stand in the shower. Resistant to abrasion and deterioration, completely waterproof. Click Here for More Information.

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